19+ Eye-Opening Business Traveler Statistics You Need To Know


In today’s interconnected world, business travel is an essential aspect of professional life. We present eye-opening statistics that shed light on the evolving landscape of business travel. 

Gain insights into transportation, accommodation preferences, and the digital tools that have revolutionized business travel. Stay ahead in the dynamic world of corporate travel with these compelling statistics.

Top Business Traveler Statistics

  • Most business travelers around the world don’t understand their company’s travel policy
  • Approximately 81 percent of business travel is conducted using personal vehicles
  • Each day, around 1.3 million individuals travel for business in the U.S
  • In 2022, business travel represented 12 percent of U.S. air travelers
  • Companies typically spend about $799 per person per day during a business trip
  • A minimum of 50 percent of business travelers fall within the 35-54 age range
  • On average, a business traveler takes around 6.8 trips per year
  • Men make up 77 percent of individuals traveling for work
  • Despite comprising only 12 percent of flight ticket buyers, business travelers generate roughly twice as much revenue per person for airlines compared to non-business customers
  • Millennials are the fastest-growing segment of business travelers in the United States

The Most Important Business Traveler Statistics

Learn more about business travel below. 

Most Business Travelers Around the World Don’t Understand Their Company’s Travel Policy

While 75 percent of people in the U.S. understand the company’s policy regarding travel, most other business travelers worldwide say they don’t have the same clarity about business travel (Skift Research). 

Approximately 81 Percent of Business Travel Is Conducted Using Personal Vehicles

Most business travelers must use their own vehicles; only 16 percent travel by air (U.S. Bureau of Transportation). 

Each Day, Around 1.3 Million Individuals Travel for Business in the U.S

This number is a considerable reduction considering how many people traveled (+ 90 percent) before COVID-19 occurred in 2020 (GTBA).

In 2022 Business Travel Accounted For 12 Percent of U.S. Air Travelers

There were more than 460 million business travelers in 2022, which was a massive jump from the drop to 185 million in 2020 (Statista). 

Companies Typically Spend About $799 per Person per Day During a Business Trip

That’s a ton of money spent on business travelers each day. These hefty expenses can be somewhat avoided by taking advantage of perks like free hotel breakfasts and hotel shuttles (GTBA). 

A Minimum of 50 Percent of Business Travelers Fall Within the 35-54 Age Range

The prevalence of older individuals in higher age brackets is closely tied to their employment status. 

This is further evidenced by the statistic revealing that 56 percent of business travelers hold lucrative professional or managerial roles with annual salaries exceeding $127,000 (U.S. Bureau of Transportation) .

On Average, a Business Traveler Takes Around 6.8 Trips per Year

You’d be surprised to know that this number is expected to increase to 7.4 in the upcoming years (Skift Research). 

Men Make Up 77 Percent of Individuals Traveling for Work

Over 75 percent of business trips are undertaken by men, while for nonbusiness travel, men make up 54 percent of the trips, while women account for 46 percent (US Department of Transportation).

Business Travelers Generate Twice the Revenue per Person for Airlines, Despite Only Accounting For 12 Percent of Tickets

The rise of this trend can largely be credited to the increasing popularity of purchasing first-class tickets. Rather than focusing on cost savings for business travel, an expanding number of companies are prioritizing providing optimal comfort and convenience for their travelers (Investopedia).

Millennials Are the Fastest-Growing Segment of Business Travelers in the United States

Millennials are a rising force in the domestic economy in all sectors. This applies to business travel as well (Skift Research).

Business Travelers Account For as Much as 40 Percent of Hotel Guests

Hotels generate a large portion of their revenue from guests staying in their establishments for business purposes, and the company pays their expenses (AHLA). 

About 38 Percent of the Reason for Business Travels Is To Attend Events and Meetings

ME&I travel, which includes meetings, events, and incentive travel, makes up around 42 percent of total business travel spending, totaling approximately $139.3 billion (U.S. Bureau of Transportation).

Some Business Travelers Are Worried That They Don’t Have a Choice at This Point

About 46 percent of business travelers are concerned about their income or employment being negatively affected if they opt not to travel (PWC). 

By 2028, the Business Travel Market Is Predicted To Grow by 188 Percent

As the travel sector continues to recover from the pandemic and business travelers can return to flying across state and country borders for meetings, the market is expected to expand rapidly (Statista). 

78 Percent of Business Travelers Want To Get More Personalized Search Results That Reflect Travel Loyalty Status and Previous Purchases

Many business travelers want more options tailored to their travel history when they book new business trips (GBTA). 

Business Travelers Spent Over $740 Billion in U.S. Dollars in 2021

Estimates show that travelers spent over 740 billion U.S. dollars globally (Statista). 

Overseas Business Travelers Arriving in the United States Decreased in 2021

Overseas business visitor arrivals to the US dropped again in 2021, reaching just 711,000. This decline is closely linked to COVID-19 travel restrictions implemented not only in the US but also in numerous other countries globally (Statista).

Business Travelers in the United States Contribute Approximately $547 Billion Annually to the Country’s Economy

Business travelers are an essential part of not only the travel sector but the overall country’s economy (Global Business Travel). 

Many Business Travelers Believe That Flying To Have a Meeting Is Necessary Over Virtual Meetings

A survey revealed that 80 percent of business travelers believe face-to-face meetings are essential for building and maintaining strong client relationships (Deloitte). 

Business Travelers Are Conscious About Their Carbon Footprint

A growing number of employees, representing 36 percent of the workforce, intend to reduce air travel to minimize their environmental footprint. This percentage has risen by five percent compared to the data from 2019 (McKinsey).


Business traveler statistics highlight the significant impact of business travel on the global economy, as well as the evolving trends and challenges faced by this sector. 

The COVID-19 pandemic and associated travel restrictions have sharply declined business travel, causing substantial economic repercussions. However, as restrictions ease, professionals strongly desire to resume in-person meetings and conferences.

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