10+ Companies In The Consumer Services Field

companies in the consumer services field

Consumer services companies encompass a wide range of enterprises that provide specialized services for the public that support and enrich their daily lives.

Although not considered among the “essential” industries that help to keep the nation’s economy functioning, they nonetheless provide critical products and services that enable consumers to participate fully in the economic activity of the nation.

A number of companies are considered to be at the top of this area of the U.S. economy.


From its early days as a brand new way of delivering books via the internet, Amazon has become one of the most successful retail products delivery systems in the world.

The secret of its success has been a solid understanding of consumer needs, along with a platform that offers ease of use with fast shipping, to give individuals what they want in a timely fashion.

The site handles an extensive list of products on which consumers depend for household goods, clothing, retail products and a range of personal needs.

Home Depot

The Home Depot store is one of the central marketplaces of every community across the United States, assuring homeowners they can find the myriad of products and services they need to maintain their homes in good condition.

With thousands of construction products that range from lumber to plumbing fixture, lawn and garden equipment, appliances and home remodeling items, the company continues to lead the home improvement sector of the economy.

Home Depot also operates stores in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


As one of the largest consumer services companies in the world, Walmart has become a mainstay for American families.

The company provides a wide range of critical consumer goods for individuals in both urban and rural areas of the country, including grocery items, clothing, hardware, grooming products, sports equipment and automotive products.

Walmart has also become a center for many other types of services that consumers use every day, including pharmacy services, hair salon, nail salon, tech repair services, optical goods and others.

Walt Disney Company

The Disney Company is synonymous with entertainment for people of all ages. Over the years, the company’s ability to maintain a high standard of quality, while adapting to changing cultural influences have made it a long-term leader in the entertainment industry.

Disney operates 6 theme parks around the world, along with resorts, a cruise line and variety of product lines for toys and iconic gift items.

When talking about recreation and entertainment, the Disney name continues to hold a prominent position in these industries.


Target entered the consumer good field in 1962 as part of the Dayton Hudson Company, when a number of competitors still held top positions.

Since that time, Target has become dominant in the industry, with stores all over the country, in urban, suburban and rural settings, offering a wide range of trendy, popular items for consumers of all ages.

The stores offer home goods, clothing, food items and personal care products at reasonable price points. The company employs 350,000 individual in the U.S. and around the world.


Costco has been one of the top players in the “big box store” game since the 1990s, when it merged with Price Club, another large retail goods membership store.

Under the Costco name, the company has become known for good quality products that appeal to mainstream consumers, offering food items, a broad range of wines, clothing, appliances, automobile products, furniture, toys, electronics and other items.

Costco has earned its top slot in consumer services with a reputation for good customer service and fair treatment of its employees.

McDonald’s Corporation

You cannot find a more quintessential American company than the McDonald’s Corporation that has provided fast food meals for the public since 1955.

The “golden arches” tower over more than 37,000 communities worldwide, providing fast food with reliable quality, unsurpassed convenience and moderate pricing for travelers and anyone who needs a quick meal as they go about their hectic daily schedules.

McDonald’s can also be found around the world, using their uncanny ability to understand what their consumers want by adapting their menus to better suit the local cultures.


Comcast is the second largest broadcasting and communications company in the United States, providing cable TV and internet services to customers in 40 states and the District of Columbia.

Since its inception in 1963 by entrepreneur Ralph Roberts, Comcast has been in the forefront of innovation in technology and programming for today’s information and entertainment consumers.

It operates under the Xfinity name to provide streaming services to households across the country.

TJX Companies

TJX companies offer clothing for all ages, home goods and décor items in the United States and around the world.

The company is comprised of four major divisions, HomeGoods, Marmaxx, TJX Canada and TJX International, which operate in Australia and Europe.

Originally derived from the Zayre discount store chain, the company provides trendy, name brand and unique items to consumers around the world.

Charter Communications

Charter Communications provides broadband services to 25 million customers in 41 states.

The company was founded in 1980 by Charles H. Leonard, and through a number of acquisitions over the years, became one of the top providers of streaming services to the nation.

Charter operates streaming services for the internet under the name Spectrum. It is currently involved in a venture with Comcast to offer a new streaming service for future needs.

Consumer Services FAQ

What Is A Consumer Services Company?

Consumer services is an area of the economy that includes many different types of products and services that consumers need for communication, recreational activities, home goods, clothing, food services and other needs.

While these companies go beyond the “essential services” category, they offer conveniences that have become a part of daily purchases for consumers as they conduct their daily lives.

What Are Examples of Consumer Based Services?

Companies in the consumer services field include such well-known names as Walmart, Target and McDonalds. However, they also include less-familiar names, such as TJX Companies, Charter Communications and Comcast, which provide retail products and communication services that have become essential to consumers’ daily lives.

These companies operate efficiently in the background of the economy to facilitate business and personal communications and to provide support for the citizens of the nation to enhance quality of life in a modern society.

What Industry Is Consumer Services In?

Consumer services includes a variety of industries that make up an economic sector that serves mainly individual households and consumers, rather than contributing to the operation of manufacturing or service companies.

It is not one industry, but rather, an array of businesses that facilitate daily life for individuals in a modern society.

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